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  • Nomad Base Station Pro Charging Station Black
  • Nomad Base Station Pro Charging Station Black at The Lodge
  • Nomad Base Station Charging Station Black Pro Edition
  • Nomad Base Station Pro Charging Station Black
  • Nomad Pro Base Station Charging Pad at The Lodge
  • Nomad Pro Base Station Charging Pad Black at The Lodge
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The Nomad Base Station Pro, with FreePower® technology, enables a truly positionless charging experience for your tech devices.  A matrix of 18 coils allows you to simultaneously charge up to 3 devices anywhere. With its modern design, padded leather surface, and slim profile, Base Station Pro is built to enhance any workspace, home, or office.

*Phones and Watches shown in the photos are not included. Apple Watch pack sold separately.

The details:

  • Full surface wireless charging
  • Charges 3 devices at once
  • Ultra thin 18 coil design
  • Up to 7.5W charging speed
  • Powered by 30W USB-C power
  • FreePower® Firmware update
  • Limited compatibility with iPhone 12 Series, see Device Compatibility below for more details
  • Imported

Device compabatility:

  • iPhone 8-11
  • AirPods Pro and AirPods with Wireless Charging Case
  • Google devices: Pixel 4 and Pixel 3 phones
  • Samsung Galaxy S6, S7, S8, S9, S10 and S20 phones
  • Samsung Note 10, 20
  • Samsung Galaxy Buds and Buds Live
  • Nexus 7 Tablet
  • Amazon Fire Tablet 7
  • Under optimum conditions, most supported devices are expected to charge from 0-100% in 4-5 hours.
  • iPhone 13 Series not yet compatible
  • iPhone 12 series- slow charging 8 - 9.5 hours charge time
  • The magnets in the iPhone 12 series have also been found to reduce charging efficiency, resulting in slower charging times. All devices enter a slower charging mode once the battery level exceeds 80% due to battery chemistry limitations, which is especially pronounced in Base Station Pro.

About Nomad:  Created in 2012 by friends Noah Dentzel and Brian Hahn, Nomad began as a way to simplify technology charging with a wildly successful Kickstarter project. Since then, Nomad has expanded and evolved into a brand supporting the art of making our mobile devices more beautiful, useful, and well-protected.