Congrats! You just found your new favorite belt. But which size should you order? Follow this simple guide to get the perfect fit.

The best way to determine your belt size is to measure your existing belt from the base of the buckle to the hole you are currently using. This measurement will be the belt size and center hole of your new belt.

mens belt sizing guide how to measure

In the example above, the hole currently used is 36" from the base of the buckle, so the customer should order a size 36" belt. Our belts are sized to the center hole, which gives you the most flexibility with your belt.

If you are unable to measure an existing belt, the most common method is to buy a belt that is one size up, or 1-2" larger, than your pants size. For example, if you wear size 36 pants, you would order a size 38 belt.

Please Note: Belts from Cause and Effect tend to run large. For Cause and Effect belts, please order down one full size from your regular measured belt size. For example, if your belt measurement is 36", you would order a size 34" belt from Cause and Effect.

If you have any questions about belt sizing, please get in touch with us at