Shallow Men believe in Luck. Strong Men believe in Cause and Effec
t. -Emerson

This is a story of a craftsman from the American south who wanted to inspire others. Experienced in metal work, and seeking a project to nurture his creative ideas, Billy Moore began experimenting with metal. First building belt buckles, then crafting bracelets with serious metal, and pretty soon he realized he was on to something. 

As people started discovering his products, he developed a platform to share his ideas and to do something good. Cause and Effect was born, with the idea that through his work, he would have the means to help others and inspire others to do good things in the world.

Billy's methods are unique among leather craftsmen. Inspired by his father and grandfather who knew how to build things, and fix them when they broke, he uses his hands and tools created by nature to craft his pieces. After acquiring leathers from American tanneries, he conditions the skins, sometimes waist-deep in a river, othertimes using a tree-stump, or even with boulders to give an uneven finish.

Not satisfied to attach his now-beautiful leather to just anyone's buckles, he makes his owns. Forging, pounding, shaping, finishing, all by hand. 

The pieces are masculine, rugged, and finished with the sense of nature, that is- worn in to perfection. His brand is called Cause and Effect and you won't find anything else like it in America.  Or the world, for that matter.