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Whiskey Wednesday at The Lodge- Horchstadter's Rock and Rye

If you're a whiskey fan, you've likely made a decision on Old-Fashioned cocktails. You're either in the Old-Fashioned camp or you despise them. Made with Bourbon, the added sweetness can seem unnecessary. But, if you've tried a Rye-based Old-Fashioned, everything makes sense.

We're fans of both Bourbon and the Old-Fashioned here at The Lodge and were intrigued to learn about a Philadelphia-based company making a bottled version of an Old-Fashioned, based on a century-old Rye-based recipe. 

Hochstadter's is made by Cooper Spirits company. Robert Cooper founded his distillery to bring back old, forgotten recipes and cocktails. The Rock and Rye whiskey is a bottled old-fashioned and is how Rye whiskey was consumed in the 19th century and early part of the 20th century, using rock candy and bitters to balance the warmth of the rye.

On Wednesday, July 25th (Whiskey Wednesday), we'll be hosting Hochstadter's Rock and Rye for a tasting in our NYC Shop from 7pm- 9pm. Stop by, try some, and pick up some Lodge swag.

Details HERE.  Cheers!



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