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Summer Men's Grooming at The Lodge Man Shop

We like Summer. Huge fans.

What we don't like? Sunburns. Wrinkles. Looking like we've been beaten in the face (even though we had an awesome time).

All preventable. How? With a little skincare.

Our Men's Grooming products are here to help. Here's our recommendation on staying handsome all Summer long.

#1 WASH- You need to give your mug a good cleansing twice a day. The best Face Washes are natural, non-abrasive, and leave you both clean and refreshed. 


#2 HYDRATE- You notice how the women in your life have more moisturizers than you've ever seen. They're on to something. Keeping your skin hydrated is the way to fend off wrinkles, skin irritation, and looking like you stayed up all night, even if you didn't.  If you can find one with SPF like this one from Ursa Major, you've scored.

#3 PROTECT YOURSELF- Probably the most under-utilized thing in a Men's cabinet is a Serum that enables your skin to recover.  A little goes a long way, and these Vitamin-packed formulas are built to slow the signs of the aging process.

#4 REFRESH- Summer is hot! We're guys, we sweat. A little secret is the Wipe. Our Duke Cannon Field Towels are the thing that will change your outlook. Just a little freshening under the arms, on the neck, and..wherever, will make you feel ready for anything in the heat.

#5 STAY FRESH- Your deodorant works overtime in the Summer. Bad ones make you feel sticky. Good ones make you feel nothing. Ours are all aluminum free, which helps to keep the underarms fresh, non-sticky, and the t-shirts stains to a minimum.



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