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One of the things we've noticed here at The Lodge is the number of Activated Charcoal/Carbon grooming and beauty products that have emerged. It seems to be the hottest trends going in the women's beauty world (just ask any girl) but as guys, we've been happily ignorant of this concept. Until recently.

This Spring, we introduced activated Charcoal soaps and bodywash from our Brooklyn-based friends at Rich + Clean, and they work, they really do. This derivative of Carbon does a serious deep cleaning and gets toxins, including self-inflicted ones, out of the body. 

And now, we introduce to you Carbon 6 Lab Activated Charcoal Toothpaste. It's the first of it's kind- a specially formulated toothpaste that uses Activated Charcoal to clean and Probiotics to promote healthy teeth and gums. What's all that mean? No chemicals- fluorides, sulfates, triclosan, chlorine and sweeteners are all found in mass-market toothpastes. They're not good for you and you won't find any of them in Carbon 6 Toothpaste.


So why isn't this huge yet. Two reasons- for one, it's brand new. Second, it's less foamy and the color is the shade of charcoal , so you'll be brushing with Black toothpaste. Once you get used to that and how great your mouth feels afterwards, it's an easy switch.

Carbon 6 Labs Activated Charcoal Toothpaste at The LodgeCARBON 6 LAB ACTIVATED CHARCOAL TOOTHPASTE AT THE LODGE

Try it here. It will blow your mind.



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