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Think of all of the women in your life.

We're surrounded by incredible women who have accomplished so much. Wives, girlfriends, mothers, sisters, daughters, and friends. 

Ask any woman in your life what one of her top worries are and always, always in that list will be this-

Getting Breast Cancer.

Today, there are 3 million women in America living with Breast Cancer and 300,000 women will be diagnosed this year. Advancement in research and treatment methods have drastically improved the survival rate, but treatment is not a cure.

Many have us have loved ones who have been impacted by Breast Cancer, as we do here at The Lodge. Although we are a Man Shop focused on guys, we wanted to help.

We created a special candle through our Man Shop brand as a benefit for Breast Cancer research, called The Rose. This special candle is creating with top notes of Rose, Violet, and Orchid on a rich base of Oud and Arabian Sandalwood and hand-poured by our team in a special red glass vessel. 

See our Rose Candle here.

We are donating 75% of all sales of The Rose to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. The BCRF is the highest rated Breast Cancer charity in the world and is focused exclusively on research for a cure- their only mission is to end Breast Cancer and over 90% of their funds raised goes directly to funding research for the cure. BCRF was founded by Evelyn Lauder (of the Estee Lauder family) 25 years ago and is an organization that we trust with our donation.

So buy a Rose, give a Rose and half of all the sales will go to the BCRF. 


Want to give directly? Here's how you donate.



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