Lava Rocks by The Rich + Clean

Your home is your castle, your place to distress, live free, and enjoy yelling at the television screen as your team wins the game. But how can you enjoy it if your space reeks of stale beer and week old pizza? That’s right, you can’t. So it’s time for a new year, new you and a new way cleanse your home.


The guys at The Rich + Clean have created something manly, something rugged and something all together good. Scented lava rocks, that’s right not a mistype, scented lava rocks. In this modern age of finding healthy, natural alternatives for our everyday products it doesn’t get much better than a product that looks and smells good.


Rich+ Clean is all about the use of natural products. They ditch artificial fragrances in favor of the use of botanicals and minerals. They understand that your body is only as good as what you surround it with. So they’ve removed the stress of you needing to look up useless, hard to spell, much less pronounce ingredients and kept it simple.


Using a mix of essential oils to scent the rocks they’ve provided three different ways to cleanse the air and the energy surrounding you. You’ve got the choice of Into the Night, a mixture of natural rosewood, warm amber and soothing lavender. Followed by White Noise, for the earthy fans of cedar wood, clove and rosemary. And closing with Vetiver Botanica, should you need a bit of grounding from the vetiver plant, basil, and the sweet scent of bergamot. So come on, get one open it up and let the lava do its magic, so you can work yours.

Shop Lava Rocks here.

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