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Old Bardstown Bourbon Whiskey at The Lodge

We've noticed this bottle at our favorite Spirits store on our regular stock-up trips. With a handsome, but somewhat simple label, Old Bardstown is a whiskey bottle that is easily overlooked.  Our curiosity made us try it out and so we feature it on today's Whiskey Wednesday review.

Old Bardstown Estate Bottled Straight Bourbon Whiskey, $30 at our local shop

Bottled at 101 Proof, reported Mashbill 70% Corn, 15% Barley, 15% Rye

No age statement, but we understand that it is in the range of 10 years aged in Oak. This brand is botted by the Willett Distillery.

Color- the pour has a nice, rich brown color, typical of longer-aged Bourbons.

Nose- the scent is pure sweetness, with caramel, vanilla, cinnamon, with a bit of fruity notes of apricot and citrus.

Taste- Old Bardstown has a soft texture and tastes of strong vanilla, caramel, with orange and cinnamon notes. There is a hint of oak, but not strong. 

Finish- This bourbon has a long finish- the taste lingers. Interestingly, it's warm up front, but smooth at the finish.

Overall, we think this is a good value Bourbon comparable to Elijah Craig and Bulleit Bourbon. This is one that is an easy drinker- it can be served neat, on ice, or in an old-fashioned. We give it an 89.



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