Hey there. We know what you're thinking- Valentine's Day is really a Holiday where the Women of America receive chocolates, roses, (well-deserved) praise, and if lucky, something shiny. But what about the Guys?  We've got some ideas. 

Jewelry, it’s not just for the ladies. If your guy isn’t afraid to rock a bit of man -jewelry you could consider getting him a cool bracelet. Our man in North Carolina, Billy Moore, makes some cool jewelry that guys are proud to show off. Hand-made with serious metal and aged leather, Billy's line called Cause + Effect shows you care, cause every piece is unique due to the hand-crafted nature of each piece.

Bracelets at The Lodge

If your special guy is a word-smith, we can help him put all of those thoughts on paper. One thing in every writers' gear bag is a pocket notebook. Computers and tablets are great but sometimes you can’t beat the feel of pen on paper when you need to map out your thoughts.  Our Ezra Arthur leather pocket notebooks are American-made pieces of handsomeness. Pair one of these with a machined metal pen from Karas Kustoms and you've got a great gift for the Writer in your life.

Ezra Arthur Leather Journal at The Lodge

Karas Kustoms Machined Pens at The Lodge Man Shop


Your other half (or crush) a sports fan? Our Leather Head Sports balls are each hand- stitched with care and made to resemble the old-fashioned Baseballs and Footballs of the early days of pro ball. Honestly, few things inspire dudes here at The Lodge to smile endlessly like our leather balls, except maybe Whiskey.

Leather Head Sports at The Lodge


Did we say Whiskey?  If your guy likes the liquid sunshine, help him take his drinking to the next level by gifting him with a set of whiskey stones so he can enjoy a cold glass without the risk of melting ice getting in the way of the smooth flavor.  Our Whiskey Stone sets are cool because they can be shared with many friends or you and your special someone can enjoy that Valentine’s nightcap together. Throw in a set of our Tooled Leather Coasters to rest that glass of whiskey on top of.  

Whiskey Stones at The Lodge

All we know is this- give your guy something thoughtful and he'll pretty much never forget it. Have a Happy Man-Lentine's Day.


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