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Chas T Wilt Shop in Chicago

Abraham Lincoln's Hatbox.

Adventurer and President Teddy Roosevelt's steamer trunks.

A matching luggage set for Marilyn Monroe

Annie Oakley well-guarded travel gear.

These well-known Americans trusted their belongings to one Chicago company- WILT.

Founded in 1862 by Charles Wilt, the Wilt brand name represented the most premium and well-made travel goods. A Wilt suitcase was an essential travel piece if you were a celebrity in the dawning age of air travel.

The Wilt brand did not survive the mall-ification of America and the last original Wilt piece was sold in the early 1980s.

We have been fans of Wilt for years and we couldn't let this one sleep. We're thrilled to introduce the new Wilt 1862 brand, inspired by the iconic pieces and durable quality of Charles Wilt's original, patented steamer trunks.

We've created a Travel collection, all Made in America, covering the essential pieces needed for a Man's travel. These pieces will be released throughout the Fall and Winter.

Check out our first piece, the Wilt Madison Duffel, made with premium Italian leather, available here.

Wilt Madison Leather Duffel at The Lodge


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