We know it’s served you well over the years. It was there for you for last minute weekend trips, visits home, and even housed your smelly gym clothes. But it’s a New Year and you can’t continue into 2017 with that same tired gym equipment you’ve been using. Step it up! Here are three gym essentials you should look into bringing with you into the New Year.


Let’s start with the bag. A gym staple, duffels are the kind of bags that first come to mind when it comes to the gym. And since it is such a classic why not go retro with Hudson Sutler’s Commuter Duffel. Made in a range of colors, these bags take you back to the days when gyms were called Gymnasiums. They've definitely got an old school look. If you need something with more space, there’s always the Weekender Duffel.



Or you can switch it up with a slimmer, modern gym bag and try out a Tote. Great for in and out of the gym, a Tote is a versatile bag that will serve you well. Filson is one brand that gets it right when it comes to designing handsome, comfortable bags and their zip tote hits all the marks needed for a good tote. Made with Filson's famous water-resistant twill fabric, it comes in easy colors with strong leather straps, solid brass zips and more than adequate pocket space makes this bag top of the pack in gym essentials.

Filson Zipper Tote at The Lodge


Apres-gym, you need something that's going to make you look as good as you feel. Baxter's got your back with great products that give you can that fresh I-Smell-Awesome feeling that you’re sometimes lacking after a good workout. For the guy who needs a good scrub after setting his personal best, try Baxter’s exfoliating soap bar. Although we don’t recommend it for facial use it is a great bar to deep scrub away all of the grime you just collected.

Baxter of California Exfoliating Soap Bar

For a good facial cleanse try the Baxter daily face wash, it’ll take care of washing away all the sweat you just worked up out of your pores. Follow your shower up with their hand and body moisturizer to protect your skin from the cold weather outside and a fresh set of clothes. After a clean up like that you’ll be fresh enough to hit up happy hour after the gym.

Baxter of California Men's Grooming

You've got a cool bag and superior Grooming product. Where do you keep them? A Dopp Kit.  Once you get one of these toiletry bags there’s no going back to using Ziplock™ bags to hold all of your bathroom needs. At The Lodge, we've got many different fabric options and designs, your dream dopp kit is just waiting for you to pick it up and take it home. General Knot's Dopps are awesomely individual in that they source from vintage American made fabric. Due to the vintage fabric you get a limited edition, classic bag that has clearly stood the test of time (and noone else has)

General Knot Dopp Kits


Now you've got a Solid Workout and Look great. You deserve it- go hit Happy Hour!


Check out the Gym Collection here.

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