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Anthony Skincare at The Lodge

If you're lucky enough to have a woman living in your household, you might look bewilderingly at the variety of cosmetic and skincare products that are in residence. As we help you solve some of the questions you have about taking care of your skin, face, and hair, we've come to realize this- there is no one product that solves everything.

We're going to use Golf as an example. If you've played, you likely have up to 14 clubs in your golf bag. Between Drivers, Irons, Wedges, and Putters, you have a different tool for each need- a 1 Wood to get the ball onto the Fairway, a 3 or 5 Wood to land yourself near the Green (and likely in a Sandtrap). You'll chip your way close to the hole with the Irons and then, hopefully, sink it quickly with a Putter. You have a different tool for each need. Could you play golf with just 1 club? Yes, yes you could. But you probably won't like the results.

Skincare and Grooming is the same. You could use an all-in-1 Shampoo/Conditioner/Moisturizer/Body Wash and call it a day. But over the long term, you're not really helping your self, as most of us have different types of skin on our face and body and even patches of dry and oily on our forehead, cheeks, and chin. You are actually better off with a few different products that are formulated for different things.

Which bring us to Anthony Skincare. In 2000, Anthony Sosnick started his Men's grooming line to help guys take better care of their skin. He was a pioneer in understanding that, with proper maintenance and hydration, Men can maintain youthful looks and healthy skin for years. His product line, Anthony Skincare has evolved into a comprehensive lineup that we think is beneficial for most guys.

Today, we launch Anthony at The Lodge, both in our NYC shop and here online. Some of our favorite products are:

-Glycolic Facial Cleanser- this is an exfoliating face wash that really gives your face a deep cleaning. You won't believe how much dead skin is layered onto your face. Once you wash this away, your skin will have healthier and start to look clearer.

-No-Sweat Body Defense- many of us have this problem. Our skin can get a little rough around the crotch if we work out a lot, especially in the summer heat. Great for athletes, weekend warriors, or if you're just carrying a little bit extra, the Body Defense is a moisturizer for your Manparts that keeps you from getting chaffed or irritated. We call it Ball cream.

-Shower Sheets- life is very busy. Some of our favorite products adapt to our lifestyle and this is one of them. Going out after a busy day at the office? Make a quick trip to the gym and don't have time for a shower? Taking a long flight and need to arrive refreshed? Shower sheets are made for this. They are large cleansing cloths that both clean and refresh your face and body. Genius idea. 

Check out the full assortment of Anthony Skincare here. 

Questions about finding the right Grooming products for you? Message us on Messenger or call our NYC shop for personalized assistance (212-777-0350).


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