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Whoever said it, it's true. It's much easier to cure something before it happens, before the signs are there. In this case, we're talking about skincare.

It's easy to take your skin for granted. It's there to protect you- think of it as your own private bodyguard. But did you know, your bodyguard needs a bodyguard? Wut?

It's simple, guys. If you take care of your skin, it will take care of you. Have you ever visited super dry places like Las Vegas, Palm Springs, or Phoenix? You notice how your face just looks and feels like an old leather suitcase when you get there? It's because of water. Moisture. Or the lack of it.

The one thing that guys don't do enough of is keeping our skin hydrated and exfoliated. That's where brands like Alder New York come into play. We like their 1-2-3 skincare regiment as it takes care of the basic needs of your face- Wash. Moisturize. Prevent. It's that simple. Here are the steps-

 Alder New York at The Lodge

#1-Every morning and every night, you should wash your face. We're guys, we sweat. We like the sun. We like fresh air. We like to have a good time. All of these things take a toll on our face. A good, deep wash resets everything. Alder's Everday Face Cleanser uses Glycolic Acid to give a deep clean and botanicals from the sea to refresh your face.

Alder New York Facial Cleanser



#2-Moisturize. If you don't like the word, call it hydrating. Giving your face a drink. Buttering up. Whatever you like- just do it. When your skin dries out, all the bad things start to happen- wrinkles, spots, crags, ingrown hairs. You name it, it's usually down to lack of hydration. Alder's Everyday Moisturizer is a non-heavy, non-oily hydrator that uses Vitamin C to anti-oxidize, Oatmeal and Sunflower oil to hydrate, and Hyaluronic acid to fill out fine lines- a potent combination.

Alder New York Facial Serum

#3 Prevent- A serum is something that is a new step for most of us. The idea is simple. After you've cleaned and hydrated, you want to prevent any further skincare damage. A serum does just that- it will help your skin recover and get ready for the next day. Due to that, it's best to use a serum at nighttime so it can do it's work while you snooze. Alder's Everyday Face Serum is made to use daily and contains Willow Bark extract, Rosemary extract, and salicylic acid, all of which work to reduce inflammation (usually you can't even see it) and balance the oil in your skin. It's not sticky, it's not thick, it's just right.

Alder New York Everyday Facial Serum

We've got the full line-up of Alder New York skincare here online and in our New York City shop. Stop in and one of our guides will help you find the right regiment for you.


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