For most of us, it's difficult to think of clothing and gear as a matter of life or death. In the early days of America, without the luxuries of air conditioning, weather-proof housing, and cars with roofs, it was truly Man agains the Elements.  This was exactly the time when Clinton C. Filson began his business. 
Well before Starbucks and Microsoft discovered the Pacific Northwest, C. C. Filson made his way to Seattle as a railroad conductor and decided to stay. An avid outdoorsman and adventure-seeker, he thrived in the beautiful and rugged outdoors and decided to set up shop in 1897 to cater to men like him. Seeing the hoards of gold-seekers making their way to the Alaska frontier to seek their fortunes, C.C. witnessed the devastation the weather took on these men.
He began creating and manufacturing gear to withstand the temperatures and conditions of the Alaskan wilderness and soon developed a loyal following. Filson has become famous for making quality products that last. Fast forward to today and Filson's reputation remains intact. They still make their products in Seattle and guarantee their workmanship for life. Durable, and stylish, Filson bags and gear are as good for a trek through the Adirondacks as for a day in the office.
A true American success story.  Check out their products here.

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