Today we honor the American South. Many great things originated in the southern states, of which we are proud-

Chicken-fried steak
Bourbon (yes, Kentucky is in the South, get over it)
William Faulkner
The Cotton Gin, without which we'd still be wearing wool in summer
Johnny Cash
The refrigerator, in which our beer is kept perfectly chilled
The corn dog
The words "Please" and "Thank you"
The official sport of Cornhole

Today we add Cause and Effect to the roster of Southern Icons.

Billy Moore, an artist and craftsman living in the Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee makes wonders with metal, leather, and nature.  His methods are unconventional- conditioning leather using river water, shaping copper with stones and tree stumps, and using his bare hands.  The result- authentic, well-made, and beautifully aged pieces.

And they're super cool.  Check it out here.

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