Summer. A fading memory. Cocktails consumed, many rounds of Cornhole played, bikinis admired, afternoon naps taken. 
Bam, over.  Back to work. Just like that.
We're here to help ease you back in.  It's time to think about your style for Fall. Here's a few tips to help you look your best.
1- Get a new tie.  Even if you don't have to wear a tie, wear one. You'll look sharp, put together, and damnit, you'll feel handsome. The newest ties for Fall are textured- knits, heathers, corduroy, jacquarded patterns. And don't just put a tie on, wear it, and clip it with a tie clip. And if you've got the cojones to pull off a bow tie, then you absolutely must wear one.
2- Now turn your head to the left.  Look down. What's in your pocket? Nothing. You need to add some personality in there with a pocket square. Don't be all complicated about it. Take one, stuff it in your pocket and pull it out a bit. Not too polished, just cool.
3- Now look at your watch.  If you're sporting a metal bracelet style, you should consider switching to leather for Fall. It has a more refined look, and with time, will age better than you. You don't need to buy a new one, you can switch out the band for a handsome leather one in less than 10 minutes.
4- Ok, lastly, put your hand in your back pocket.  Your right one. Take out that large hunk of leather and let it fall onto the table. You hear that sound.  It says, too much.  It's time to lighten your load a bit. Slim down your wallet to only the essentials- you'll look like you've got it all together and you'll realize how a slimmer wallets has you walking with more confidence.
Here at The Lodge, we've been thinking about you and your Fall style outlook.  Below are all the things that can help you stay in the Game this Fall and they're from great American brands.
Now, you're on your way to being the boss, if you're not already the big cheese.
Check it out here.

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