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Now in stock at The Lodge, Kletterwerks is an authentic American brand, made by outdoorsmen and bag specialists.  The story of Kletterwerks is a great one.  In 1975, outdoorsman Dana Gleason created the brand in Montana as a way to provide himself and his friends with fully functional climbing gear. Kletterwerks translates from German into "Climbing factory" and that was the purpose of the original designs.
Well-known in the climbing and outdoors community, Gleason's business grew and he eventually sold his interest in the business and the brand eventually went into hibernation. Gleason's interests evolved, and he founded the famous Dana Design company, known as the pre-eminent outdoors pack in the 80s and 90s. When a new corporate owner took over Dana Design and moved the production to Mexico, he started a new company, called Mystery Ranch. This is important.
Mystery Ranch developed into a serious bag and gear company, making equipment for Fireman, Navy Seals, Hunters, and Outdoorsmen. That means they have huge expertise in making things that work and last.   
Enter Dana's son, Dana III.  In 2012, the younger Dana brought Kletterwerks back to life, using 40 years worth of knowledge, expertise, and innovation. The original designs were revamped and modernized, with more a clean design, morecomfortable straps and padding, and inner laptop sleeves.
We're thrilled to introduce you to this heritage brand from Montana. We think you'll love the gear and we know you'll look damn cool wearing it.
Check it out here.


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