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The history of American inventions is storied with incredible dreamers who saw the world differently than their peers.
Henry Ford, who saw that every man should have at least one car, if not several, while his buddies were hustling ponies.
Thomas Edison, who just wanted to read Sports Illustrated at night, his vision fading from the terrible whale-oil lamps.
Levi Strauss, who foresaw the needs of the miners and builders of America, who apparently invented denim over a glass of caracuo.
We add to this roster of creators, Glendon Breismeister.  
You see, Glendon wanted a corduroy tie.  He really wanted a corduroy tie.  He searched high and low, from NYC to Milan and couldn't quite find the right one.  Some were too rough. Some were too fine. Others, just plain tacky. 
So he did what dreamers do, he created his own.  And then he created his own brand.  Thus Glendon Lambert was born.
If you are, like us here at The Lodge, wowed by cool shit, then you must check out Glendon Lambert.  
Seriously, it's a Corduroy tie.  If there was ever a better American invention, we struggle to think of one.
Available here.



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