Let's have 50 States-  Said America.
Fifty Ways to Leave your Lover-  Paul Simon.
Fifty is the new Forty-  The Baby Boomers.
$50, Seemingly, the price of a good cocktail in New York City.
The Atomic number of tin.
Fifty Shades of Grey- The Beautiful Women of America.
The number of years they’ve been making the Porsche 911 (yes, I know it’s a German car, thank you, but it's still cool, or was).
50 is the natural number following 49 and preceding 51- Wikipedia, wow, profound.
Mike Singletary’s number from the bad-ass Chicago Bears during their Football Dynasty.
Number of cars in that ultimate road race, the 24 hours of LeMans.
Maximum number of steps allowed between cold beer and your favorite leather chair.
Fifty More Full Days before official Autumn begins....

Which is why our Summer Sale is now up to 50% Off.   
How can you resist?

If we didn’t work here already, we’d be stalking this sale section like mad.
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