Warning dear readers, gratuitous pictures follow.
We spent the day in Pittsburgh.  Iron City. Steel City. The Paris of Appalachia. We were in town for the annual Historic Grand Prix- one of the coolest car show and vintage races in the world. Beautiful vintage cars are raced on the 2 1/2 mile loop through the streets of Pittsburgh.  While we are in awe of this, the real action today is off the course.  Over a thousand vintage cars of all makes are on display.
Many pictures follow of which we dream and drool for.   Tomorrow we begin construction on our garage addition. Enjoy.






Unbelievably cool. A Stainless Steel Aston Martin

DB2. We've never seen one like this before and may never again.

This 1957 300 SC in Grey was one of the handsomest cars in the show.

A Ford GT 40 in Gulf racing LIvery.  Wow. Bookended by a pair of authentic Shelby Cobras. Amazing.This Ferrari was possibly the most valuable car at the show. Extremely rare and simply beautiful.

I think the Ferrari Dino from the early 70s is one of the most beautifully designed Italian cars ever.  Ironically, Ferrari didn't brand it under their marquee, calling it only "Dino" because it didn't come with 12 cylinders. It's still unmistakably Ferrari, and timeless.

The Real "Herbie" 

American Vacation, anyone?

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