July 14th.  Bastille Day. Who cares, you say?  We do, and I'll tell you why.
We owe many things to the French.  
Good wine, for one.  The origins of modern wine culture in the US of A are rooted in french viticulture.
Beautiful women- Laetitia Casta. Melissa Theuriau. Morgane Dubled. Sophie Marceau.
Good food.  French fries. French Toast. The croissant, which led to the cronut.  Fois Gras.
The french kiss.
Denim (it's true, look it up)
The birth of America.  Wait, what?   
You see, the French were integral to the American Revolution.  In 1778, anxious to see the English empire diminish, the French began sending money, munitions, and men to fight the Redcoats right here in America.  Without their support, who knows?
Which led to the French Revolution. After witnessing the new freedoms enjoyed by their American brethrens, the French took up arms, stormed the Bastille, evicted the inept King Louis XVI, and declared
"Liberté, égalité, Fraternité"
We'll drink to that. 
Happy Bastille Day.

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