True Story.  One of our go-to bars in New York.  Sitting at the bar with a friend, a bit crowded, but not so busy that our bartender can't hear what the hell we're ordering.  I notice off to the side a quite striking woman standing at the end of the bar.  In fact she's hard to miss. Blonde. Nice, flattering dress.  Based on what she's holding, seems to favor the martini.  I also notice that she keeps looking our direction.   Now, we're used to being given the once-over, but she seems to be peering with more-than-normal-interest.  Chat with said friend continues and suddenly I see that she's beside me. She says (to me) "Hi there.  You're a nice looking guy.  Looks like you take care of yourself.  If I might ask- what guy products do you use.  Because my boyfriend needs help".
#1- I'm sorry, did you say boyfriend?
#2- Let me tell you over a drink
#3- On that particular evening- Imperial Barber
Our new favorite addition to The Lodge.  Imperial Barber grooming was created by barbers in California for guys.  Seeking something clean, simple, and with a guy sensibility, they created their own range to use in their shops.  You'll find that their lineup of pomades, after-shave, and soap are very masculine, natural, and lacking in any girly scents.  Ranging in strength, you'll find something that suits your look.
And you're likely go get noticed.
Check it out here.

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