We heard about Coronado Leather a couple of years ago, when, over drinks with a buddy of mine, we were searching online for American-made brands making things here in America. We only truly discovered their well-made wares on a trip to Japan at the beginning of the year.  You see, Japanese consumers really love America, have an appreciation for well-made American products, and have an affinity for heritage.  Thankfully, English is not widely spoken, because holding up a Coronado Billfold, I said aloud, "Shit, now that's a wallet" and they merely smiled at me.  
Recently, I had the chance to spend the day at Coronado Leather's workshop in San Diego, California, an opportunity I couldn't pass up. The company was born in 1981 by Carol and Danny Laulom as a small two-person shop (Carol and Danny) and is now run by their son, Brent.  He runs an expansive operation now, with a full team of leather tradesmen, as Coronado has developed a loyal global following.  In the last few years, their business has grown dramatically as people like you have developed an appreciation for Made in USA and the workshop that I toured was brand-new.
If you've never been to a leather workshop before, it's like, well it's like entering your favorite whiskey den.  You're taken in by the smell and sight and you just know that something great is about to happen.  At Coronado, the presence of leather is evident as soon as you enter, even before it's crafted into great bags and wallets. Coronado works only with American leathers, mainly from Chicago-based Horween leathers including Cordovan and Chromexcel, and has a line of rugged Buffalo items as well.  If you've ever held a Horween leather wallet, you'll understand when I saythat it's a Man's wallets.  If you're a Horween head, you know what the hell I'm saying. Handsome, rugged, tough, ages gracefully, shows it's flaws with grace.  After handling Coronado's line of wallets, I was ready for a shot of Bulleit, a cigar, and a long ride on a Deus Grevious Angel.
At their workshop, they make everything in leather from Men's Wallets, Briefcases, Travel Bags, Belts, and Women's handbags. Brent is a passionate entrepreneur who loves leather and he is upgrading his wallets with hand-stitching details.  He recently introduced a line of full hand-stitched wallets and a Shell Cordovan collection.   We're sure that Coronado is a name you're going to be hearing more about.  Especially from us.

Owner Brent Laulom reviews the newest coin pocket wallets.


One of our favorite machines in leather factory- the embosser.  A hot-stamp Kensol, made in New York. This is where the branding happens.

Tim, the master leather craftsman, hand-stitching a Horween Shell Cordovan wallet.  Coronado Leather completely hand-stitches many of their wallets.

The newest items in Shell Cordovan. We're looking forward to getting some of these into our shop.

We spotted this and were wowed.  Brent's well-worn Horween Chromexcel brief.  Soft and with a handsome patina.

Our visit left us impressed with the leather crafting at Coronado and that things like this can be found here in America.  We're proud to offer a great selection of Coronado Leather in our shop.  You can see the collection here.

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  • by Arthur on

    Thank you for the article! Coronado is my new favorite brand and I’m happy to find some info about them. Precious few truly made in USA anymore. I got the Clark backpack and it has knocked my socks off to the point where I now want one of their briefcases too.


    me gustaria aprender sobre la confeccion de monederos todo en cuero

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