Let's face it- you've made mistakes in your life.  That time on Spring Break when you lost your wallet and couldn't pay your bar tab.  When your car refused to participate in the balance of your third cross-country road trip, after getting you as far as N'orleans.   The time you woke up in Ireland with no idea how, because you were just having a whiskey down on West 10th Street.
Who was there for you?  Dear old dad.   Faithful, underappreciated, and when you think about it as a man, kind of cool.  
One day a year, he gets his own day.  The other days of the year are yours, hers, your mother's, the dog's. But this day, is his. It's Father's Day, so take care of dad.
Here at The Lodge, we've got some great stuff that he's gonna like, curated here.   He'll thank you, and he might just pay your bar tab again.
Check out our Father's Day shop here.

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