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We've been asked for the story behind The Lodge.  Here it is-
I started The Lodge as a step in helping make America a great place to live.   I like Men's style and through my corporate work, have traveled the world looking for and making clothes and accessories for great American brands.  However, very little of this has been Made in the USA.  You see, the large American retailers have abandoned the United States a place to get things made.   Why?  For Profits.   It's cheaper to make things overseas, and for the most part, you get what you pay for.
I grew up in Virginia and two generations of my family were furniture craftsmen, making contemporary furniture for the American market.  There were factories, employees, families that were supported, a community.   In the 90s, my family's business was forced to close due to the low prices offered by manufacturers overseas.    This is a similar story in much of the South and Midwest.   That experience has shaped the way we thought about The Lodge.
We're seeking cool things that we'd like for ourselves, that complement our lives as men, and are Made in America.  Our commitment is to bring our customers great style, up-and-coming designers, and to support the craftspeople in this country who are making a difference, one wallet at a time.


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