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Happy Labor Day!

If you're one of the fortunate ones, you've got the day off. Maybe you're at the Beach soaking in the last rays of Summer before the chill of Fall sets in.  Or you're surrounded by family and friends barbecuing and drinking your favorite small-batch brew. Here at The Lodge, we're fans of both options.

We'd also like take today to honor the American Worker- that's really what Labor Day is about. Taking one day out to appreciate the hard work put forth by the people who make and build things in America.  We're all workers- in particular we're thankful for the makers in this country who still build things. There are fewer and fewer of them as offshoring has eliminated the majority of these jobs. But they're still there- making your favorite t-shirts, jeans, and bags.  You can thank them by supporting them- seek out and buy American-made goods.



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