This long Labor Day weekend, take a minute and celebrate the onset of Fall. One of the best parts is the Beard- that growth of manliness that says:  I could shave, but I'm not gonna. 

Yes, it's World Beard Day.

As you start your marvelous growth by simply stopping shaving, you're going to need a little bit of help.  Here are some tips from our grooming masters at The Lodge-


-Keep it trim- No matter if you're just thinking of a two-week old beard or shooting for an incredible Yeard, it's best to keep things a bit organized. Trim out the hairs that are growing swifter so that you've got a nice even look.


-Keep it clean- What did you have for Breakfast? If you can look on your face and tell, then you know what we're talking about. Wash that thing and use a Beard comb to both organize the hair and keep it clean


-Moisturize your skin- As the weather starts to change and your face fills out, your skin is likely to get drier than the Burning Man Playa.  What to do? Moisturize daily either with a Beard Balm or an oil-free Moisturizer.


-Moisturize your beard- Just as your skin will dry out, without proper grooming, your beard may get bristly. You might be able to deal, but your significant other, not so much. Use a Beard Oil. A little goes a long way, but work it in at least twice a day. You'll feel awesome and those around you will notice your handsomeness.


So enjoy your day, and toast to The Beard.

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