Here's a fact- it gets Hot in Summer.  It's true. Because of the heat, we switch up our dapper style for something more casual- slim pants, khakis, and shorts. With these slimmer Summer styles, we recommend taking a look at your everyday carry gear, starting with your Wallet. The best Wallets for Summer are slim Leather Wallets- they carry cards and cash in a slimmed down profile- you just need to go through and weed out the things you don't use.


Here are our Top 5 Wallets for Summer:

1- Our Slim Leather Card Wallet from Coronado Leather is hand-made in San Diego with premium Horsehide leather from Chicago's famed Horween Tannery. With a Card sleeve on each side and a center cash sleeve, it will hold up to 8 cards and a pile of cash. Retail $89, comes in Brown and Black- available here.


2- The Leather Pacific Credit Card Wallet is made by Friday & River. Hand-stitched in California with natural, premium Vegetable-tanned leather, this slim wallet is a great minimal Wallet for Summer.  Retail $85 and available here.


#3- Our Card and Cash Sleeve from Maxx & Unicorn is hand-made in Brooklyn using premium Bridle leather from Wickett and Craig Tannery in Pennsylvania. It's a One-pocket leather sleeve that has no stitching and holds up to 10 Cards plus cash half-folded. Retail $55 and available here.


4- Our Leather ID Card Wallet from Coronado Leather is hand-made in San Diego with Horween Cavalier leather and designed to keep your I.D. handy. With two card slots, and I.D. slot, and a center cash sleeve, it will hold up to 10 Cards plus cash.  Retail $99, come sin Tan, Black, Red, and Navy and available here.


5- The Soft Leather Card Billfold is a super-slim Billfold Wallet that is made with buttery-soft Italian Leather. Made by Maxx & Unicorn in Brooklyn, it has no stitching, which keeps it slim and will hold up to a dozen cards in two pockets plus a central cash sleeve.  Retail $88, available in Black, Tan, and Navy and available here.

All of these Wallet options are Made in the USA by talented Leather craftsmen and have been field tested by our Lodge customers.


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