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This is a great distraction! While it's well known that Salmon swim upriver to mate in Alaska and the Pacific Northwest and that Bears feed on these freshwater fish, we've never seen it in action. Until now.

The National Park Service has set up these live cams in Alaska's Katmai National Park where you can watch Brown Bears in action at Brooks Falls, a prime feeding point where Salmon get bottlenecked on their way up river.  During daylight hours until mid-July, you'll be able to see several Brown bears at once, all hunting for Salmon using their tested methods of Stand and Wait, Dash and Grab, Snorkeling, Pirating, and even Begging.

Here's the link to the Cams, but be warned, you'll find yourself watching for hours on end.

For more information on the Katmai National Park bears' habits, the National Park Service has a great resource here.



Down the Rabbit Hole is a perfectly good way to waste 15 minutes of your life.


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