When the weather heats up, we like to lighten the load a bit. When we look in our briefcase, we see alot of things that we really don't need every day. Enter the Slim Leather Briefcase.

Made by Coronado Leather in San Diego, the Slim Brief is great for carrying the business essentials- a Laptop, chargers, files, magazine, phone and keys. The leather is premium Horween Cavalier leather from Chicago and it has a nice handsome texture that ages nicely.

All we can say is, show up with one of these and you're pretty likely to get bumped up to the corner office.

Check out Coronado's Slim Leather Briefcase here.


Hey Mike- This briefcase is $379 and can be found here- We do offer shipping to all cities in Canada. Thanks!

The Lodge

Hello, I was wondering the cost on this bag and also if unship to canada


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