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We recently held an event at our New York shop featuring Whiskeys from Kings County, that fine town known as Brooklyn. As fans and loyal drinkers of Kentucky Bourbon, we were a little skeptical of sipping the brown stuff from New York. The limestone water in Kentucky is world-renown for giving a huge assist in the flavoring of Bourbon- would Catskills naturally-filtered NYC water do the same? Read on for a review of our top pick from this event.

In Sunset Park, Brooklyn, not far from the Upper Bay leading into the Atlantic Ocean, Brad Estabrooke has established a distillery making Whiskies and Gin that are different than anything we've tasted. After 5 years in business, he's developed a loyal local following with his Breuckelen Distilling Company.  His biggest hit- the 77 Wheat Whiskey.

Our Review- 77 Whiskey- 90 Proof, 100% New York What, 1 Year Old

Nose- A sweet nose of Maple and Honey, with a hint of apricot

Taste- A nice blend of Sweet and Spice- with Caramel, Vanilla and Honey giving way to a nice warmth. The overall texture is on the thin side, but it is very smooth.

Finish- A spiciness up front and a lingering sweet finish. Medium warmth.

Overall, this is a nice sipping Whiskey. The 100% wheat gives it a nice sweetness that makes this a great after-dinner drinker.  We tasted again with ice and it really opens up.  We give this an 89 out of 100 and will be adding this to our regular rotation.

Below are some shots of the distillery- enjoy!







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