It's National Hamburger Day! In fact, it's been Hamburger month all of May. Who knew?  


There are two stories about the invention of the Hamburger-


One is that the innovative butchers in Hamburg, Germany created a minced beef patty in the 1700s to be served to the noble classes. This is pre-refridgeration and mincing beef was uncommon, as Sausage was much more popular- it could be preserved and last for weeks whereas a beef steak needed to be consumed sooner rather than later. But this wasn't really a burger since there was no bread.


The Second story is about the creation of the burger and it takes place here in America. Sometime between 1880 and 1905, the German Hamburger steak was combined with bread, for the sake of convenience, and sold as a complete sandwich. It's possible that Charlie Nagreen created it in Wisconsin in 1885 by selling it at the world-renown Outagamie County Fair so that visitors could enjoy their beef while they carnivaled. It's also possible that Fletcher Davis created the Burger in Athens, Texas in 1880, when he began selling Beef served between two slices of Texas Toast. This sandwich known as the "Old Dave" became a Texas institution.


What's clear is that the invention of the burger as we know it- an all-Beef Patty, two slices of toasted bread, and lots of fixins, is an All-American creation and one that has taken over the world.


So today, celebrate National Hamburger Day the only way we know how- with a trip to the local Burger joint.

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