We'd like to introduce you to Corridor. 


We think of ourselves as detail-oriented. Then we met this guy, Dan Snyder who created a clothing company. Dan couldn't find any shirts that fit him well.  So he taught himself the art of tailoring. Learning how to create, make, and sew, he began making his own shirts with cool fabrics that he found.  He would geek out over the buttons, label stitching and contrast threads like an artist creating a great painting. When his friends began asking about his shirts, he launched his brand Corridor to offer cool, slim-fitting shirts to guys like him. Corridor has since expanded into Pants, Jackets, and now Ties.  


We're thrilled to offer their new line of Ties at The Lodge. All Made in New York, they have incredible fabrics that are well-suited for the office and for Wedding season.


Check out Corridor's ties here.

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