Today is World Whiskey Day, a national holiday to celebrate and enjoy Whiskey. We can have whiskey any day, so what's so special about today, you ask. It's a day designated to appreciate the finer points of the brown stuff.  So here are 10 things you may not know about Whiskey- 

1- To be Whiskey, it must be distilled from a fermented grain mash. That's it and there's alot of room for variation.

2- It's spelled both Whisky and Whiskey.  U.S.A. and Ireland spell it with an E .  Canada, Scotland, and Japan spell it without.  Why, we have no idea.

3- Originally, called Water of Life or Aqua Vitae. We think that's quite appropriate as it was used for medicine back in the 1400s. We still prescribe it here at The Lodge.

4- The Whiskey Rebellion was real, and almost ended our little country in 1791 when Alexander Hamilton began levying a tax on America's finest spirit. Rumor has it that Aaron Burr really really liked Whiskey.

5- Bourbon can only be made in America and was created by a preacher, Elijah Craig.

6- Cows like Whiskey. Distilleries give their spent Corn mash to local farmers as feed for dairy cows. Now those are Happy Cows.

7- George Washington was early America's largest Whiskey barron- he had a distillery at Mount Vernon running around-the-clock.

8- There must be loads of Bourbon in heaven. Whiskey evaporates in the Barrel at the rate of 4% per year, named the Angel's Share as they take theirs annually. Once it's in the bottle, it doesn't evaporate anymore, it just disappears.

9- American Whiskey survived Prohibition solely because of doctors, who were allowed to prescribe it as a painkiller. Remember to thank your doctor for Whiskey.

10- Our favorite Whiskey Song is Willie Nelson's Whiskey River.

Celebrate and enjoy the craft of Whiskey by having one on this special holiday.

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