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We have to admit, we'd been to Kentucky, taken the Bourbon tour, but hadn't heard of Town Branch. Our friend and tie aficionado Glendon Lambert dropped this one by and we were pretty impressed by the bottle. An extremely handsome cut-glass look with a remarkably suble label. We were curious.

Here's what we learned- Town Branch is a new distillery in Lexington, Kentucky and apparently the first new one built there (legally) in 100 years. They've been brewing bourbon-aged beer there to rave reviews and have only begun releasing Bourbons in the last few years.  As always, we were eager to taste, so here goes:

Town Branch Bourbon, Alltech Distillng Company, Lexington Kentucky. Retail approx $30

80 Proof/ 40% ABV, 3-Year Aging- Mashbill is reportedly 72% Corn, 15% Malted Barley 13% Rye

NOSE- Strong smell of sweet corn, with a hint of oak, vanilla, some tobacco and leather

TASTE- Sweet Kettle Corn with notes of Nutmeg and Vanilla. Overall a bit thin in texture and depth in the mouth.

FINISH- Soft Oak with a very short warm finish. Lingering sweetness is very subtle.

Overall, we would say this Bourbon is Short and Sweet. Not very complex, but a straightforward drinker that does open up when chilled over ice. With more time in the Barrel, it may improve, but as is, we think it's a fair Bourbon- there are better, more complex ones out there in this Price Range including Elijah Craig, Elmer Lee, Bulleit.

We'd rate this one an 84/ 100.


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