We're super focused on supporting the craftsmen and artisans of America who make cool guy things. People ask us if the "Maker Movement" is waning as it approaches nearly a decade in age. We think, if anything, it's still in the beginning stages. 

Here's evidence. We think of Target as that place where we meant to just buy some Paper Towels and end up $150 poorer (how did that happen?).  Recently, Target took a bold step in collaborating with some of our favorite American designers in supporting American-made menswear. Called The Collective, it's buried so deep in their website, you have to search for it, but in there are great things from our friends at Terrapin Stationers, Billykirk, Owen & Fred, Duluth Pack and Taylor Stitch and every piece is Made in America. 

Unfortunately, Target made it online only, so you won't see it in their stores. We do think Target has the right idea and we hope that more large companies with lots of resources take a stand to support American makers and work towards job creation at home.

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