Busy? Yeah, us too. Sometimes we're so busy, we forget to run to do the projects we're assigned by Ms. Lodge. We definitely are too busy for a complicated daily routine. We figured you might be, in fact you've told us so. 

Right now, today, we're gonna start making Grooming alot easier for you. Introducing our ManKits. 

A what kit?

ManKits. Boxes chock-full of great Grooming products geared towards your own needs. 

Growing a new beard or taking care of one that's been around long enough to have it's own name? We've got the Beardsman.   Living life to the fullest with sometimes late nights, rushed mornings, and lots of outdoors exposure? Get the Recovery ManKit.  In addition, our Mr Clean Cut and Hello Fellow Kits will get you totally hooked up with our best American-made grooming products. These kits are packed with Full-Size Grooming goods that have been tested and approved by you, our Lodge followers, all at a great discount.

Ready to see more?  Check out our ManKits here.


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