Every guy needs a great notebook. How you record your thoughts says something about you- carry around a wad of post-its and it's clear you're a taskmaster. Got a bunch of cocktail napkins- you're likely engineering new ways to "change the world". If you've got Field Notes, it's pretty clear that you've got your shit together.

The coolest thing about Field Notes is that they've given serious thought to every element of their notebooks- the right paper, the perfect pocket size, and an impressively awesome choice of covers. The surprise factor- every season there's a new, limited-edition run with a great story.  This season's release from Field Notes is probably the most unique yet- called Two Rivers, it leverages the rich legacy of the Hamilton Manufacturing Company in Two Rivers, Wisconsin. Never heard of it- yeah neither had we.  Watch this video and you'll learn quite a bit more.


For nearly three-quarters of a century, Hamilton Manufacturing was the place for wood type printing in America. Unfortunately, the efficiency of the digital age put them under, but a museum was created to collect and put into use the decades of wood block and printing machinery- called the Hamilton Wood Type and Printing Museum, $2 from the sale of each Two Rivers Field Notes pack goes to support this organization.

These notebooks are cool and available in only limited quantities, so get yours now here.


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