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After tasting and reviewing many Whiskeys here at The Lodge, it's clear to us that the fine art of Southern Storytelling is pervasive in the the rolling hills of Kentucky. Many of the Bourbons are sold under different labels with essentially the same mash and aging, much like the old formula of General Motors selling the same cars under different badges (except Bourbon is good).
So we try to hunt out authenticity and originality. We believe that Blanton's is one such Bourbon- a true original, high-quality Bourbon that has held true to its roots. And these roots are this- Albert Blanton was a distillery owner in Kentucky from the late 1800s until 1952, owning one of the largest makers of Whiskey in the country. He was fond of one particular spot in one of his rickhouses called Warehouse H. From the center of this rickhouse, he would choose a single barrel that he believed to be the best and bottled his own personal batch of single barrel Bourbon. Years after his death, in 1982, Elmer Lee, his loyal assistant and Buffalo Trace Master Distiller created America's first Single Barrel Bourbon to be sold under Blanton's name. Is this important? Maybe- first is good. But is it the best? Let's see.
Today, we're tasting a bottle of Blanton's bottled on 10/22/14 from Warehouse H, in the Rick #20. Retail price approximately $50.
Blanton's 93 Proof, No age statement
Nose- The spiciness of Bourbon comes through, with notes of Corn, Caramel, and a subtle sweetness, almost Cinnamon notes. 
Taste-Lots of Caramel with sweet honey and the sharp spice of Bourbon coming through. A nice complex taste of sweet and spicy.
Finish- A clear Corn finish with a hint of Oak. At over 90 Proof this has the warm finish you would expect, but the burn is very very short. After the first taste or with water, the finish is exceptionally smooth.

Overall, a very nice, drinking Bourbon. The trick with a Single Barrel bourbon is that the next bottle might taste different than this one- this is our first Bottle so we're not sure what you'll get. That said, we really liked it. Nice and complex, smooth drinker, especially with water or on ice.  Not up there with the best of the best, but one you should own. We'd rate it a 90 out of 100. 

One more note- about those Horses. According to Buffalo Trace, Kentucky has a rich tradition with horses (we had heard about something called the Kentucky Derby) and they wanted to honor that with the bottle's unique design. Each bottle comes with a horseman in a different race pose and one letter of the Blanton's name. There are 8 different ones in total, and we got an "N" as you can see here. 


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