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We trust our bartenders. We probably tell them a little too much- the truth is they always come through for us.  That was proven once again with Harry Davies of Brooklyn's Wythe Hotel bar. We told him we were whiskey addicts but wanted to try something different. He gave us this:



It's called Laird's Bonded Apple Brandy.  You may have heard of it's super-sweet cousin Applejack. Yeah, we know, we scoffed at that also- it's certainly not whiskey. This Bottle of goodness is made in New Jersey in a distillery founded just after the American Revolution and the Laird family supplied George Washington with their spirits.  Each bottle of Brandy uses over 20 pounds of health-packed apples, meaning a bottle a day will keep the doctor away. The mash is then aged in Charred American Oak barrels, just like Bourbon.  

But how will it taste? Is it like Whiskey or is it going to be like a liquer?  Here's our Review-


Laird's Straight Apple Brandy 100 Proof/ 50% ABV

Nose- Apples, caramel, vanilla a hint of spiciness, and the clear scent of alcohol.

Taste- A sweet apple taste but not sugary. Hints of maple and oak. The Brandy has a full taste with warmth on the tongue.

Finish- The warm burn of alcohol with a lingering sweetness. It has a full finish and at 100 proof, you taste the alcohol. Surprisingly, the finish is complex with that maple flavor combined with apples. But smooth.


Overall an 89/100- this is a nice spirit. We wouldn't normally drink Brandy, but this one is a good sipper and should be in our Whiskey rotation. We would say it tastes much smoother with water and is likely why this is a go-to mixer for Apple-based cocktails with the best bartenders.


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