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Based in a century-old Adobe Ranch house in Santa Fe, New Mexico, one of our favorite craftsmen makes handsome, unique Knives and Accessories from natural and rare materials. Bill Wertel started Santa Fe Stoneworks in 1978 and has grown his workshop to be one of the world's premium makers of Knives. 
We're huge fans of Santa Fe Stoneworks at The Lodge and we recently had the great fortune to visit Bill and his workshop. Here's what we saw-
The materials used for Santa Fe's handles come from nature. Rare stones and materials like Malachite, Azurite, Turquoise, Woolly Mammoth Tooth, and Brontosaurus bone are used by the master craftsmen here.
Each knife is hand-made. The knife handles are cut and pieced together, mated to forged steel blades, and then buffed to perfection.
Finished knifes await their next destination- The Lodge.  We worked on some new ideas with Bill and can't wait to get them in for you.


Bill Wertel and his family at Santa Fe Stoneworks


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