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What would Wednesday be without a little Whiskey?  Our Whiskey Wednesday review is of a small brand called Black Maple Hill.  It's a blended small batch Bourbon, distilled in Kentucky, but bottled in California. There's a bit of a mystique about this brand because noone really knows much about it- where the original hooch comes from, how old it is, what the blend is, and where this magical Black Maple place is.  With the Great Whiskey Shortage that is well underway, it has to be difficult for brands non-distiller bottlers like this one to source great whiskey. We don't know the answer to those questions, but we do know this- it tastes pretty damn good.  We've had this bottle unopened, marinating here at The Lodge for about a year, and as a blended small-batch NDP, it may vary from case to case. Here's what we think about ours-
Black Maple Hill Premium Small Batch Bourbon, 95 Proof, No Age Statement, $40 if you can get a bottle (we got ours in PA)
NOSE- A light, sweet nose. Alot of Citrus up front with hints of caramel, corn, honey and then some oak.
TASTE-  Very smooth on the tonque with the sweetness and honey coming through. No alcohol at first taste, but the corn does come through.
FINISH- Very smooth at first, then warm at the finish. At 95 Proof, it has the the amount of burn we would expect. After the 2nd taste and with water, the finish is very smooth.
OVERALL- A good drinking Bourbon.  We think it's great straight, with a bit of water, or over ice. We'd give this to someone who thinks they don't like Bourbon, as it's sweet enough and smooth enough for most.
Rating 92 out of 100.


  • Posted On February 06, 2015 by Jett

    i’ve had the 12 and 16 yr old,which were very enjoyable. Wish I could find it again. Would buy in a heartbeat.

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