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Well, that was a crazy Super Bowl. So close that noone knew who would win until the end. Seattle almost came back, and then the pass (who passes on 2nd down at the goal line?) We asked you and our Super Bowl contestants were split- 56% for Seattle, 44% for New England.  


We're happy to announce that we have 2 Winners for the Super Bowl contest. To remind, the contest was this- Win a Leather football by picking the Winning team and the Winning score. To win the contest, you have to pick the winner and get the winner's score as close to accurate without going over, and if a contest tie, the Super Bowl losers score is used to break the tie.  The bonus- perfectly match the Winner and both scores for a $250 Gift card.


The result? Wade McNamara of Pennsylvania and Jeremiah Hellenbrand of Wisconsin each won both the Leather Football and $250 Gift cards by accurately predicting the Patriots would win and Seattle would lose by 28-24.  Well done gentlemen!  Enjoy your well-inflated Footballs.


Ready for baseball yet?


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