We meet many entrepreneurs and start-up leaders at The Lodge and most have an ambition to change the world with a product idea. The truth is, some of these products are ground-breaking, but most are about selling something.
We recently discovered a group of makers in New York who recognized a problem and decided to do something about it. That problem is education funding and specifically providing teachers and students with the supplies needed to create and learn. In New York, funding for art and creative education has been cut by 80% over the last 5 years- this story is true in many cities and towns across America. That leaves Teachers and Parents with the burden of purchasing things that used to be provided by the schools. 
A group of creative entreprenuers founded a company called Public Supply to create writing tools and sell them, using the profits to donate to school supplies. We think they make great Notebooks and selfishly, they're helping us stay a bit more organized at The Lodge. The truth is that this is a great charitable model- making something that customers like and is useful and funneling the proceeds to a great cause, in this case- the education of kids.
You can check out Public Supply's notebooks here and support educational funding with your order.

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