We get pretty excited about the Holidays here at The Lodge. The truth is that we've been blasting the holiday tunes here non-stop since just after Thanksgiving.  One of our favorites is a throwback recorded in 1977 called "Peace on Earth".
Bing Crosby, crooner of our favorite Christmas ballad "White Christmas" was in London filming his Merrie Olde Christmas special. His producers thought it would be a good idea to pair him up with David Bowie since the show's theme was Christmas in England. They were scheduled to do a rendition of Little Drummer Boy, but Mr Ziggy Stardust had other ideas- upon arrival he announced that he hated the song and wouldn't sing it. In a jiffy, a new song was written and the two created one of the best Holiday duets ever made.  It's unlikely Bing had any idea who Bowie was, but it didn't matter- they each left with mutual admiration.



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