He's been called the voice of America. He's as well known for his fondness for marijuana and his tax troubles as for his distinctive voice and jazz-like phrasing over a cord. More than anything, Willie Nelson is an American Legend, of both country music but also of the heart of the country. His appeal is ageless, genderless, and has no regard for where you live or how much you make.  He is a just a cool guy who lives in Texas and sings it like it is.

We're fond of Willie, his music, and as much as anything, his wit.  To sum up Willie and celebrate his 83rd Birthday today, here's 10 great Willie quotes that pretty much say it all:

1- I got along without you before I met you, and I'll get along without you a long time after you're gone.

2- There are more old drunks than there are old doctors.

3- If you wait for tomorrow to follow your dreams, by the time you get there, they're gone.

4- Three Cords and the Truth- that's what Country Music is.

5- All I do is play music and golf- which one do you want me to give up?

6- Be gentle with your words, you can't take them back.

7- Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you'll start having positive results.

8- I think most art comes out of poverty and hard times

9- I believe all roads lead to the same place- that is wherever all roads lead to.

10- I been a long time leaving, but I'm going to be gone a long time.

Happy Birthday Willie! Keep it up, man, keep it up!

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