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Today, November 11th is Veteran's Day, an important but underappreciated holiday in America. We at The Lodge thank all of the Men and Women who have served our country. They are the ones who defend democracy while we enjoy the opportunity to live with our personal freedom.
We recently built a new shop in New York City. With opening a store, there's lots to be done and when it comes to installation and maintenance, we turned to professionals. Searching for the right folks to work with us in building the shop, we discovered HandyVet. Recently founded by Eden Vaschon, a former Marine, he employs only Veterans in supplying handyman services in New York City. 

The truth about Veterans is that it can be difficult to find work when their deployments and enlistments end. While learning very pragmatic leadership skills in the service, it can take time to find the right employers who value what Veterans have to offer. So we think Veteran's Day is a great day to think about what you can do for Veterans. First, thank them. And then hire one to help you. You'll both benefit.
Check out HandyVet here and give them your support. They're only in New York right now but you can support them by spreading the word wherever you are.
Happy Veteran's Day!


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