Our friends at Brooklyn-based Maxx & Unicorn have just delivered to us the coolest new gear, all made from solid brass. They've set their sights on being great at EveryDay Carry and we think they're well on their way.
The So-Money Clip is a handsome money clip that can hold both cash and cards. It's bent from a single piece of brass and given a nice, modern finish. That said, it will develop a cool aged patina as you wear it.
The Twist Bracelet is twisted and bent from Solid Brass and is a great Man-bracelet. The cool thing is that even though it's solid brass, it's bendable so that you can shape it to your wrist.
The Pièce de Résistance is easily this cool key ring, forged from solid brass and a cool hex ring.  It will hold a ton of keys, something the iPhone won't be able to do until like 2019.
Check out Maxx & Unicorn's collection here.


See below for pictures of The So-Money Clip being made, courtesy of Maxx & Unicorn. 

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