Today we salute Colonel Edmund Haynes Taylor, Jr, the namesake of this fine Bourbon that we'll be tasting today. 
A bit of History on Col. Taylor- he was a nephew of President Zachary Taylor. Born in Kentucky, he was a banker who helped to finance distilleries who had fallen onto hard times. He decided to purchase one in 1869 and named it O.F.C. (Old Fire Copper). The Colonel was actually a pioneer in the whiskey world- he began aging his bourbon in climate controlled warehouses at a time when aging was uncommon. Other distillers were adding flavors and sweeteners to their unaged whiskey to get a sweeter taste and coloring to get the signature brown hue. With his famous last name, he was able to get a Federal law passed called "Bottled in Bond", essentially a Government seal of approval that a whiskey has been distilled by one distiller at one distillery in one season and has been aged for at least 4 years at a Proof of 100. Why was this important? It raised the quality of Bourbon and was quite monumental at the time.
The brand is now owned by Buffalo Trace. Let's see if those standards have been maintained.
Colonel E.H. Taylor Small Batch, Bottled in Bond
BOTTLE- 100 Proof, 7Year Aged, Approximately $45 
The first smell is a salty sweetness with some spice of butterscotch and spices. To taste, there are notes of Orange Peel, Pepper, Tobacco and that sweetness of Caramel corn. You feel the 100 Proof alcohol content on the tongue. At the back, you get a full flavor of butterscotch sweetness and oak.
Colonel Taylor's Bourbon has a medium length finish. You feel the high warmth in the throat with a bit of a bite then smooth.  This would make a fine sipper and a bit of water will help the smoothness all the way through.  The lingering aftertaste gives you that Tobacco and Pepper spice flavor.
Overall, this is a nice Bourbon with a blend of Sweetness and Spiciness. At 7 years, it's a younger Bourbon and you sense that further aging may give it more complexity. We recommend sipping this one with water.
VOTE- 89 / 100
*This Bourbon has won several major awards including Double Gold at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition and a Silver Medal at the 2013 International Wine & Spirits Competition.

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